About us


Welcome to wafu linen world! 


Our factory is a place where we keep on trying to find potential of linen; such a mysterious material.

Meaning that we are mainly making clothes out of linen in Yamanashi Japan.


My name is Yosuke Watanuki and I'm a designer and pattern-maker of wafu linen clothing.



My story

I am the third generation in our family that has been making clothes since 1946 and we had been making many garments for other companies' collections or ready-to-wear.

Second generation, my father, mastered a lot of techniques from tailored outfits for men and all types of clothes for women. 

I worked at another clothing store by the way. After I quit it, I learned to the method of making garment from my father and became a designer and pattern-maker. I decided to follow the expertise and knowledge my family have obtained and started our own bland "wafu" in 2008.



Why linen?

Linen fascinated me much more than any other kinds of fabrics even I've known thousand of materials in my life. It comes from one of natural resources and has very helpful functions; hygroscopicity, antibacterial-effect, warm-keeping, quick-drying, deodorizing-effect etc. Human being has been wearing linen as outfits for more than a couple of thousands years. This is the proof that linen is one of incredibly useful material for us.

However, unfortunately, It's very hard to make linen clothes because linen fabric tends to lose the shape easily while we are sawing it. That's why there are not so many companies that can send well-made linen clothes to customers.

Even though, we are keep trying to make linen clothes because I'm sure we have the skills to create well-made clothes thanks to 3 generations of our craftspeoples' experiences.


Raising a new craftsman

I hope that employees become craftsmen who have expertise of garment. I define that a craftsman knows all the process of making clothes, so I get them make clothes from fabric to a dress instead of getting them make only one of the parts of clothes even if it's unusual in other factories. Actually, it seems inconvenient, but very important because this situation helps employees focus on their job and grow up with the responsibility. And also it makes them get motivated "I want to make better clothes for our customers!" I believe that it's the most important feeling for craftsmen.

Finding potential of linen

There are 3 buildings in wafu.

First one is our studio where we are making garments for you. Second one is our cafe where you may have a cup of coffee dripped with linen filter. Third one is our hostel where you may try our linen items; towel, bed linen, and so on. In addition, we have started offering aromatic massage for our customer to give them time to be relaxed with power of linen.

We are always seeking how many things linen can do and make them possible as "linen entertainment"


Nature friendly

We always care about nature, and we are always feeling frustrated every time we see people wasting natural resources or burning trash made from fashion industry. That's why we decided to make LINEN clothing made from flax that doesn't need too much water when it's growing up and it's much easier for linen fabric to be turned into soil when we bury it. That's why we are selling all textile waste made from our studio to avoid burning it in vain. We believe the textile waste, even it's small and distorted, can be turn into accessories, doll clothes, or patchwork by customers' hands.

We are happy if you get interested in our way of thinking!

We are always thinking how we can raise craftsmen, how we can reduce textile waste, and which is the best way to keep this industry sustainable with our company and garment. Our goal is to be the solutions of them as wafu linen clothing.