wafu packing

Notice of Our Packaging

We start to serve you “Mottainai” in wafu way. 

 (Mottainai is a Japanese originated word that means a sense of regret over waste.)

Manufacturing industries definitely discharge industrial waste, That's absolutely true! Recently, we often hear of the problem of over production of clothing and mass waste. On the other hands we cannot avoid discharging waste in the manufacturing industries.

Because of that, we want to reduce waste for the future of our manufacturing industries. We sell uneven remnant cloth that was supposed to be just waste. Also, we wrap our products in the paper that is from a process of cutting cloth with machine at our studio.

About packaging in wafu style

We are trying to package without plastic. It might seem like that our packaging way is less courteous than other shops. Because some shops put each merchandise in each plastic bag for showing it better quality.

We all know that plastic;

- is very convenient material.

- looks nice and keeps things clean.

- is value for money.


Also, we wafu used to use plastic bags;

- as easier way to control of products in stock.

- to shrink package for reduction of shipping cost.

However, we’ve started to package with paper for reduce plastic. Our wrapping paper has unique shapes. You may receive your order wrapped in pattern paper of dress, sleeve or pants. Maybe some pattern paper would get wrinkle. You may say it needs to be packaged securely for protecting merchandises. So, for now we use plastic bag for just covering the package to keep it clean and dry in transit. We will take responsibility for any trouble in transit from our studio to your home.

Here's the story of changing package. I’ve decided and declared to reduce using plastic without staff meeting. First of all, I thought that I must start these things for future of the next generation. I really wanted to do this! As you can see, I had a fight, not a discussion, with my staffs about it. They were against it. Because that made package size bigger and shipping cost increase. (Of course, wafu cover it, we don’t raise shipping fee.) But this wasn’t up for negotiation for me. This is what I decided by myself as CEO of wafu. So please let ME know if you have any complaints about packaging. I’m very glad and appreciate if you would join our small step of environmental preservation.

Thank you for supporting our Green Policy!




This is how we are packing.