Your clothes are meaningful?

How long are you thinking about your clothes par a day?

Do you think your clothes make you feel happy or joyful?

We define clothes should be like that.

And also we define the clothes come from a plece

where people are making clothes seriously

and people are working with joy.

Our place is just like that,

meaning the clothes from there is meaningful enough to elevate you.


ENZI - Japanese classic

European Classic


Actually, linen is one of the most uneven and difficult material to sew.

However, we know linen is one of the most comfortable material human beings have worn for more than 10000 years.

All our hope is to send beautiful and comfortable linen clothes to your wardrobe from our factory in Japan.

That's why we will never stop sewing it with our skills we've gain for more than 60 years.

We always show our love and respect for linen just to make helpful clothes for you.


Open Mon-Fri 9:00~18:00
511-1 Kamisanjo
Chuo-shi Yamanashi Japan